Florida has four types of Alimony. They are durational, bridge the gap, rehabilitative and permanent. There are many factors that must be discussed to determine if a case supports a claim for alimony. Alimony can only be ordered in Dissolution of marriage cases. There is no alimony in Paternity cases. Alimony can be ordered on a temporary basis during the pending divorce and may or may not be modifiable after the Final Judgment depending on the Court’s order and any agreements of the parties. There is not an Alimony Worksheet like the Child Support Worksheet in Florida. Therefore, there is no set Alimony Guideline in Florida.

If a person is behind on paying their alimony, the amount they owe is called the arrears. The party that is supposed to receive the alimony can file a Motion for Contempt to enforce their rights to receive the alimony. If the Court finds that the payor is willfully not paying the alimony, the Court can issue a purge order and if the purge is not paid then the person can be put in jail for up to 179 days.